Framework for biodiversity Reconciliation Action Plans


Management of conflicts between wildlife and human resource use

25 - 27 January 2006
in Leipzig, Germany

The conference team likes to thank all participants for their contributions and the interesting discussion during and in between the sessions. We hope that the conference has supported further development of networks within the field of human-wildlife conflict management.

Conference background

Human activities endanger many species on national, European and global levels. This is particularly true for large vertebrates that require comparatively large tracts of semi-natural ecosystems where they often compete with humans for biological resources. If wildlife conservation is to be successful in the long run, participatory conflict management based on natural and social scientific knowledge is required.

The conference brought together about 100 researchers and practitioners to discuss novel approaches in biodiversity conflict management. Parallel sessions covered contributions from all relevant disciplines such as conservation biology, ecology, economics, law and other social sciences. A special focus was on integrative approaches combining knowledge from different disciplines for successful conflict management as well as on bridging science and society through the inclusion of stakeholders.

Motivation for the conference is the completion of the EU-funded project FRAP ( FRAP developed a Framework for biodiversity Reconciliation Action Plans using conflicts between the conservation of large fish-eating vertebrates (Eurasian otter, Great cormorant and Grey seal) and fisheries as core examples.

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Post-conference material for download

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Scientific board of the conference

Rui Ferreira dos Santos, Klaus Henle, Niels Jepsen, Andreas Kranz, Stefano Moretti, Irene Ring, Margarida Santos Reis, Riku Varjopuro, Håkan Westerberg, Doug Wilson


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